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'Creating with Design and Passion, Value for our Customers'

The Raw Material (timber) is sourced among the best lot available from India’s Western High Ranges. The primary wood consists of Rose Wood (Sesame) and Teak Wood (Saagwan / Saag). The manufacturers procure them most of the time through government auction.

'Home, the most Loved and Envied place in the World'

  • Timber is stored at the mill / factory
  • Traditional values and Artisan skill goes into building Handmade Living Room, Bed Room and other home Furniture.

Bringing Pride and Value for our Clients

  • The Raw Wood is naturally seasoned to reduce the moisture content in the Wood log / planks. This increases the Durability and gives a Rugged end product.
  • All imaginative designs are brought into real products by the highly skilled Senior Carpenter.

Wood Work

  • Wood planks are plain both sides, ie. the surface and thickness. Then the tanning and mortising. The sanding is done by a mix of modern machine and manual process. This gives a perfectly smooth even finish.
  • All the grooving and craving task are done by the Craftsman with manual method and machine tools


  • The finished Wood panels, blocks and strips are joined by using best quality adhesives and a mix of Wooden and Steel nails.

Finish and Polish

  • Under the final finish section, the product is buffed and sand paper process to remove excess surface impurity.
  • The pre polish consists of 2 Coats of superior Sealer and Putty / Wax work. After a day or two the product is sand papered with a very fine grit Sand Paper.
  • A final coat of PU / Melamine completes the manufacturing process and the product is for Sale.

We give you a Product Guarantee & Price Guarantee for all the Products we Sell


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